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We already blocked more then 100,000,540 100,000,636 100,000,686 100,001,111 100,001,198 100,001,236 100,001,301 100,001,336 100,001,389 100,001,430 100,001,433 spam emails!


Smart spam protection to stay ahead of cybercriminals, 90% of cyber attacks begin with phishing.

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More than 80% of the emails sent in contact forms are spam, you don’t need to handle it!
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Maspik mostly covers 97% of your spam!

Benefits of using Maspik Spamblacklist

Why Choose MASPIK?

MASPIK is your go-to WordPress plugin for blocking spam across various contact forms & Comments. Whether you’re using Contact Form 7, WpForms, Elementor, or almost any popular contact form plugin, MASPIK ensures that your inbox stays clean and spam-free.

Maspik Dashboard

Manage all of your website’s BlackList from your single dashboard.
Connect your site to Your dashboard and customize your blacklist setting to all of your website from the dashboard.
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Easy Spam Blacklist

The “Blacklist” spam feature is easy yet highly effective. Just enter words that show up in your spam emails, and Maspik will block any inquiries containing those words. It’s that simple! By adding a few common “spam words,” you can greatly reduce unwanted messages. The blacklist is just one of many powerful tools Maspik offers, but it’s definitely one of the best.

We support the following contact forms:

MASPIK. features


Works seamlessly with popular form plugins like Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and custom forms.

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Easy Setup

User-friendly interface to set up and configure spam filters effortlessly.

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Detailed Logs

Comprehensive logging to review and analyze blocked submissions.

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At MASPIK Pro, we offer hands-on support to assist you every step of the way.

Why go PRO?

The basic features are available in the free version! While the Pro version offers additional improvements, we’re not sure it’s what you need. Here’s a comparison between the free and Pro versions:

Feature Free Pro
Blacklisting by field type
Block specific IP addresses
Control the number of Links allowed
Limiting the number of allowed characters in fields
Export/Import setting
Spam log
Maspik Spam trap
Integration with API
Integration with API
Language restrictions
Geolocation/Countries restrictions
Single Dashboard for managing multiple websites
Auto-populate spam phrases
Extra support service

Auto-populate Spam Phrases

Works seamlessly with popular form plugins like Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and custom forms.

Language and Geolocation Restrictions

Single Dashboard for managing multiple websites 

Single Dashboard

Works seamlessly with popular form plugins like Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and custom forms.

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14 days money back guarantee for any plan


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Frequently Asked Questions

On your maspik plugin, under the menu item, you will see the “Activate Licence” page, in this page, you can enter the Key you receive after you purchase Maspik Pro on this website. you can find the key under My Account page

Maspik Dashboard is a single control center that allows you to manage Maspik settings for multiple websites from one convenient dashboard. For more details, see our documentation.

Each dashboard has a unique ID. To associate your website with a specific dashboard:
1. Go to your website’s plugin settings
2. Find the “Maspik Dashboard” accordion section.
3. Enter the Dashboard ID in the “Maspik Dashboard ID” field
4. Save your settings

For more details, see our documentation.

Yes, Maspik is GDPR compliant! the plugin does not save any user details, ensuring your data privacy is maintained and making the plugin GDPR-ready.

What Our Users Say

I have tested this and paid for membership, it works great so far and highly needed in this community. The private API is amazing. Great job.

I’ve been using the free version of this plugin for over a year and it is brilliant. I find it very easy to control what I want to block, and it has blocked masses of spam. I’ve now made the decision to pay to get the Pro version.

Thank you so much for this plugin ! Its better than anything else. Blocked all the spam coming to my forms without complexity and useless bloat.

I hope they keep this plugin growing. It is defiantly worth the small payment, and it works very well. I have been using it for several months and I love it and my clients love having less spam.

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